CONNECT. INNOVATE. SHARE.Participating festivals strive towards circularity by 2025
CONNECT. INNOVATE. SHARE.Participating festivals strive towards circularity by 2025
CONNECT. INNOVATE. SHARE.Participating festivals strive towards circularity by 2025

Green Deal Circular Festivals

During this challenging time with COVID-19, it is important to share and learn from each other. Let us join forces as a community to continue our journey towards a resilient and circular future. 

Green Deal Circular Festivals stands for a future-proof and circular festival industry. Participating festivals strive towards circularity by 2025. On this platform, we all share knowledge and offer tools to help you achieve the set circular goals. The Monitor gives insight into the progress and the results of our circular efforts. It allows us to assess whether sufficient action is taken and how our plans need to be revised or refined to achieve our goals. In the Toolbox, we share practical solutions from the field, combined with knowledge from experts. Here you find tools and tips to make your event more sustainable and circular. The Circular Festivals platform shows how far we are as a community and stimulates you to act.

Find out more about us.  



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