Reworked - Recycling the 'non-recyclable plastics'

anoniem February 01, 2021
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The use of (disposable) plastic items is becoming less and less suitable for a society that focuses on sustainability and circularity. Find out how you can tackle the use of (disposable) plastic at your event.

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Reworked are a British company with innovative technology that takes waste plastics, wood, glass, fabrics and many other unwanted materials, recycling them and putting them back into the supply chain as products such as bins, furniture and storm boards.

Reworked have made it possible to make use of useless waste. From sweet wrappers to degraded marine plastic to surgical face masks, they can take it all. As far as I know, they provide products mainly on a corporate basis but I think their bins made from waste plastics, to collect waste plastics, to then make into more bins could revolution the waste management of festivals.

This is not my company but I have been watching their journey and see so much potential for their systems to be rolled out on a wider scale.

Look at their work on Instagram @ReworkedGB or

Their website:


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